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About company

The Industrial and Service company ECOSTEEL, limited liability company in Zawiercie is one of the largest and first ones in Poland that makes cold-rolled steel.

The whole manufacturing process is based on complete production lines provided by firms KOCH, TEUREMA, WAFIOS and SCHLATTER.

We have been signed in the register of companies on the basis of the ruling of District Court in Katowice on June 17th 1993, No RHB 9700.

The main aim of the company operation is to make cold-rolled reinforcing steel, smooth and ribbed steel in bars and rings as well as steel welded mesh.

We are a company that has modern facilities and technology, and highly-qualified staff at our disposal. Being solicitors for our clients, we are aspiring to continuous raising of quality by goods control at all stages of the production.

We are developing dynamically the confirmation of which is our membership of Business Gazel Club. We are continuously following the world market of production of cold-rolled steels. We are investing only in the latest equipment of renowned firms.

We choose for quality, reliability and professionalism.